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Lightsaber Neon Font Demo

Lightsaber Neon Font Demo When you think everything is stagnant, here comes Lightsaber Font! It’s like an all capital script written at the back pages of a college student’s notebook (in a boring class). Lightsaber bears a new approach on handlettering style with equally slanted monolines. Those “i” and “o” glyph will give your thumbnail a fierce look while preserving the essence of your photographs. Plus, put an animated text on the header of your blog with our Lightsaber Neon Animation!

Thanks to The Branded Quotes for creating and sharing this free demo! However, this is just a sneak peek of Lightsaber Neon Font with basic characters and personal license only. So, if you wish to access more features and use it for commercial work, go get the full version as well.

Lightsaber DEMO
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