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Eufoniem Script Free Font

Here it is! the latest gorgeous type work coming from Locomotype, Eufoniem Script Free Font. Eufoniem is the result of a combination between Yu Poniyem and Euphonium. Yu Poniyem is the name of a woman in Java, she is smart, sexy, and brave. She has a strong voice against patriarchy dominance, but also gentle and graceful in her feminine life. She is the modern figure of “Rara Mendut” in Javanist’s story. Just like Yu Poniyem, Eufoniem is a sexy cursive font, but not too girly, so men can also use it to represent their message. Eufoniem is also taken from the music instrument “euphonium”. It has the same style and sounds like Yu Poniyem’s personality. Curvy but sexy, and has a strong voice in song harmony. Eufoniem font comes in two variants; Eufoniem One and Eufoniem Two. So, you can mix and match your typography and design easily with more variety. Also, this font is 100% free for personal and commercial use.

Thanks to Locomotype for sharing this awesome typeface today! Eufoniem is coming for those who support and appreciate Locomotype’s work. So, if you like this freebie, make sure to visit their page and portfolio. Then you can leave comments and appreciate to let them know how you think about their works. Then, simply click on the check out more button below to get there!

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