Balqis is a feminine striped-rough calligraphy typeface that presents casual and natural feeling. It has a high contrast and very legible as a script font. Suitable for wedding invitations, greeting card designs, logos, or everything you may think it suits. Balqis Free Font available in OTF and TTF format.

: 62 KB
: Personal and Commercial Use
Balqis Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (62)

  1. Talitha
    12:50 pm · Reply

    Thank you!

  2. Igor
    1:06 pm · Reply

    Thank you

  3. Luque
    11:50 pm · Reply

    Nice!!! Thanks

  4. Marilynn in NorCal
    12:26 am · Reply

    I often have need for a script font that is not too fussy and, more importantly, legible. Thank you and have a joyous holiday season!

  5. Trina Flynn
    6:22 pm · Reply

    Thank you for this lovely font! I’m not sure if this font is for personal use only or can it be used Commercial use. Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

    • Ajir
      11:37 pm · Reply

      Hi Trina, this font is free for personal and commercial use. Thank you.

  6. omkar
    2:32 pm · Reply

    thnkz mate… anyone knos any other web ref for script typeface ???

  7. Judy
    8:32 am · Reply

    I tried downloading this font & its not in my files? Is there something required that I may be missing?

    • Ajir
      12:42 pm · Reply

      Hi Judy, the download link is works just fine.
      Can you let me know more detail why it doesn’t works for you?

  8. doodle
    2:17 am · Reply

    Beautiful font! Good job! Unfortunately the download link doesn’t work.

    • Ajir
      2:20 am · Reply

      Hi Doodle,
      I’ve tried it by myself and it works just fine. Please try it again, Thanks!

  9. doodle
    2:52 am · Reply

    Hey, sorry about the comment with the “download link doesn’t work”. It works fine! The problem was my computer… Thanks for sharing your great work!

  10. Michele
    11:47 pm · Reply

    Beautiful font! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful New Year!!!

  11. Aniuska
    4:08 am · Reply

    Thanks!!! 🙂 ♥

  12. Caro
    10:47 pm · Reply

    Cute font, thank’s!

  13. Ish
    7:42 pm · Reply

    Thank you! 🙂

  14. Deebi27
    3:10 pm · Reply

    Your Balgis is sooo perfect for sooo many creative fun ideas! Downloaded and have had fun already! 😊 Thank you so very much!

  15. Mason
    10:31 am · Reply

    how do I use the font in pages on my mac computer?

  16. Lysa
    1:16 pm · Reply

    Your Baliqis font is beautiful and has found a good home in my collection. Thank you for creating it & for the free download!! I can’t wait to start designing tomorrow!

  17. rahul
    1:00 am · Reply

    loved it <3

  18. Hannes
    8:30 pm · Reply

    very nice, thanks

  19. Cursed 'Un
    3:01 am · Reply

    Absolutely stunning, thank you so much.

  20. Dana Kim
    8:38 pm · Reply

    thank you so much!

  21. hayeonj
    1:59 pm · Reply

    thank you 🙂

  22. rose
    10:08 am · Reply


  23. Shin
    1:53 pm · Reply

    Beautiful font!
    I have downloaded the zip file but I have no idea how to use it.

    • Lil
      3:03 pm · Reply

      You click on the zip file and then a folder will appear. You click on the folder and there will be two files inside, click on the file that ends in .oft . Once you have clicked the file it will say install font, click install font. If you have a mac it will take you to font book. Then next time you use word or whatever you use you search the font in the font bar and whala you have your font!.

  24. jess
    12:14 am · Reply


  25. Do
    1:00 am · Reply


  26. Marius
    2:10 pm · Reply

    Is this font also free for commercial use? Thanks I love this font !!

    • Leonie
      10:57 am · Reply

      Hi Marius, yes it is, it’s our exclusive item so feel free to use it

  27. Asif
    2:09 pm · Reply

    Very nice font thank you for give this free

  28. Aabid
    12:08 am · Reply

    thank you

  29. Casie
    10:40 am · Reply

    Hi there. Can I use this for commercial use (specifically website and/or logo?)

    • Leonie
      9:12 pm · Reply

      Hi Casie, Balqis is one of our exclusive freebie made by our team, so you can feel free to use it for both personal and commercial use.

  30. AnaMa
    1:10 am · Reply

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful font. I see that font is free, but I will need license for my commercial work. I didn’t find license file in zip folder. Could you please tell me is there any chance to contact the author on this matter.
    Thank you once again! 🙂

    • Leonie
      9:10 pm · Reply

      Hi AnaMa, Balqis is one of our exclusive freebie made by our team, so you can feel free to use it for both personal and commercial use.

  31. Birgit
    11:45 pm · Reply

    Thank you for this nice present!

  32. Najmus-Saher Chishti
    3:36 am · Reply


  33. denki
    1:12 pm · Reply

    Bless you!

  34. Kaila
    8:45 pm · Reply

    Thank you for this beautiful font! Am I correct that it can be used on websites? I really admire the talent it takes to create these fonts! I have looked into making them and it’s really a lot of hard work from what I could find about it! I’m grateful for the people who are kind enough to share this work with others! Such kind spirits! ♡ Kai

    • Leonie
      1:16 pm · Reply

      Hi Kai, yes you can use it since this one is the part of our exclusive freebie which include commercial license.

  35. Nisam
    10:00 pm · Reply

    Can I use it for my logo ?
    Please advise.

    • Leonie
      10:27 pm · Reply

      Hi Nisam
      yes you can

  36. Jay
    10:24 am · Reply

    Can not see a download link

    • Leonie
      8:16 pm · Reply

      Hi Jay, it’s there now. Please try again

  37. Brenda
    12:32 am · Reply

    Thank you

  38. Poonam
    1:37 pm · Reply

    Thanks… you Leonie and your team .

  39. Eliane
    4:25 pm · Reply

    Very nice font! Thank you!

  40. Bondan Wid
    11:51 am · Reply

    cool!! thank you

  41. Silver M
    3:24 pm · Reply

    thank you!!!

  42. Catherine
    2:17 am · Reply

    Beautiful font. Thank you!

  43. KT
    2:34 am · Reply

    Lovely font. Very elegant. Thank you! Does commercial use mean it’s OK to use it for a book cover?

    • Leonie
      2:20 pm · Reply

      Hi KT! yes you can use it for book cover

  44. silvana
    4:15 pm · Reply

    may i know how to download this font?

    • Yudi Arnanda
      7:10 pm · Reply

      Hello Silvana, enter your email and you will get a email to download the font.

  45. sheree
    1:15 pm · Reply

    how to get script? Please

    • Yudi Arnanda
      1:23 pm · Reply

      Please enter your email, the download URL will send to your email.

  46. Angel
    7:03 pm · Reply

    Thank you =)

  47. Ania
    1:20 am · Reply

    Dziękuję bardzo!!!! 🙂

  48. Thanks to my father who told me regarding this webpage, this
    web site is truly amazing.

  49. Sharon Pajaron
    8:34 am · Reply

    this is the best. Thanks

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