Winner Condensed Regular is one of a font from Winner Family, a pack of classic athletic aesthetics, finally as a versatile contemporary font. Just when you thought there was nothing left to add to the classic sports design, this family lifted it to a whole new level. Whatever you want to set in whatever space, with seven weights in seven widths, you’ll definitely find the right proportions for it!

Thanks to Sportsfonts for giving us chance to have a try on this awesome type family. So, make sure to check out on the full version to get all the complete 49 Winner! Winner supports not only most Latin-based languages but also Greek. Moreover, its extensive character set also contains currency signs, arrows. Also comes with wide range of numerals from small figures to Roman numerals. Furthermore, its sophisticated OpenType layout features give you access to alternative letter shapes, fractions, and a lot more features. With more than 24,000 glyphs in 49 fonts, Winner leaves nothing to be desired. Grab Condensed Regular for free and give it a spin!

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Download (3011) Full version
Winner Condensed Regular Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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