Weekly Slab Family Free Demo is a set of slab serif that wants to be a sans. The font is coming with the idea of sans, a fresh design without that retro feel typical of slab fonts. As a result, it turn out to be an Egyptienne font—more simple compared to others of its kind, a feature that gives it its unique personality.

Weekly was based on fonts with humanist proportions, such as ‘Oficina’ and ‘Caecilia’, both from the ’90s. Typefaces like these give designers the possibility to use them in books or magazines. In contrast to geometric slab fonts or early 20th century fat faces, which are mainly used for advertising or display text. Another feature that reminds us of humanist sans fonts is the small difference between x-height and cap-height. Some characters in Weekly like ‘a’ or ‘g’ lack serifs and some like ‘c’ or ’s’ have short serifs, giving it a semi-serif air.

Thanks to Jorge Cisterna from Los Andes who has generously sharing this free demo and let us giving a try. So, if you find this family interesting, you sure want to grab its full version! Weekly comes in both light and heavy weights. The heavier ones bear resemblance to Egyptienne slab serif typefaces with strong personality. These variants are ideal for use in posters and big, powerful headings.

: 66.9 KB
: Personal Use Only
Download (2301) Full version
Weekly-Light Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.
Weekly-SemiBold Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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