TT Limes Free Demo Typeface

TT Limes is a completely handwritten fontfamily and consists of 23 typefaces. Today you can have one of them, TT Limes Free Demo Typeface. The idea of TT Limes emerged at the seashore last year in late summer. Getting ready in advance for a dark winter, TypeType has decided to design a special fontfamily which would bring a bit of vitamins. Also summer sun into the rough everyday routine and help us survive the cold winter. TT Limes is both a dream of the sun while its gone and a refreshing breeze for the time when it finally gets warm!

Thanks to TypeType Foundry for always letting us give a try on their latest collection. So, to get all the complete set of Limes, then check out this full version. Then you can have all the complete TT Limes collection which includes Limes Sans, Limes Slab, Limes Script, Catchwords and Dingbats. Also, Limes Sans and Limes Slab widely support OT features. Some that available are tnum, ordn, frac, case, numr, dnom, subs, sups. Moreover, Limes Script uses a large number of context alternatives.

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: Personal & Commercial Use
Download (4785) Full version
TypeType - TT Limes Slab Regular Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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