TT Bells Regular is the part of Bells Font Family. Bells combines the elegant softness of antiqua with a complex and daring temper. It is reflected in straight stroke terminals and arrowheaded serifs. The family is based on broad nib, which was typically used for old style fonts and creates these hallmark terminals and serifs. TT Bells is suited for different types of text — from the shortest headings to large text arrays. When the font size is decreased, the boldness and sharpness of the font soften, it becomes more classic.

Thanks to TypeType Foundry for regularly sharing such a useful free demo. Then if you want Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black & Italics Bells, you may want to get the full version. Then you will get support of a broad number of OT features, which will help you widen the implementation range for this family: tnum, case, frac, ordn, sups, subs, numr, dnom, onum.

: 345 KB
Download (2478) Full version
TT Bells Regular Demo Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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