surfing-capital-free-fontsurfing-capital-free-font surfing-capital-free-font surfing-capital-free-font

Surfing Capital Font is inspired by the extreme passion on riding ocean waves! The natural and imperfect shapes of it works well with its own texture effect. Meets the need for that vintage yet edgy feel for your designs and photographs.

Big thanks to The Branded Quotes for providing this free font to us. For commercial purpose check out the Licensed Version.

: TTF (TrueType Font)
: Personal Use Only
: 1.36 MB
Download (39535) Licensed Version

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Responses (16)

  1. Olse
    8:08 pm · Reply

    LOVE this font, does anyone else have massive problems on Mac OS 10.10? can’t use it at all, program crashes.

    • Brad
      4:23 am · Reply

      I am having the same problems. The font will not open in my font books, and is crashing my apps.

    • Maddy
      6:40 am · Reply

      I have problems with it… any solution?

      • Leonie
        4:23 pm ·

        Hi Maddy, can you tell me specifically what’s the problem?

  2. Jamiro
    6:08 am · Reply

    Can someone help me please?
    If I use the font on photoshop it’s keep crashing.
    I use Photoshop CC 2017 18.1 on a laptop with a I7-7700HQ, 8gb RAM and a GeForce GTX 1050.
    Any solutions?

    • Leonie
      10:12 pm · Reply

      Hi Jamiro, please try re-install it, it seems bcs of the font file is bigger that usual font file

  3. Ollie
    1:47 am · Reply

    yep sam problem, when I try to instal the fon everything crashes and gives me an endless loading sign.

    • Leonie
      10:12 pm · Reply

      Hi Ollie, please try re-install it, it seems bcs of the font file is bigger that usual font file

  4. danica
    9:40 pm · Reply

    how do i use this font for my youtube channel

    • Leonie
      9:12 pm · Reply

      Hi Danica, if you mean about the license, you can only use this font for personal use only.
      So, if it’s for commercial use you have to get the licensed version

  5. Jordan
    1:20 am · Reply

    This font looks amazing, but I’m having the same problem where I can’t open it on MAC

    • Leonie
      10:12 pm · Reply

      Hi Jordan, please try re-install it, it seems bcs of the font file is bigger that usual font file

  6. Cooper Laurendet
    6:37 pm · Reply

    I have re-installed the font a couple times now and the font book still crashes
    (im not mac OS High Sierra)

    • Yudi Arnanda
      2:00 am · Reply

      Hello Cooper. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact the author about the issue. You can contact him via the following email: Thank you.

  7. Grace
    11:20 am · Reply

    How do I use the font after I download it?

  8. Deno
    8:16 pm · Reply

    This font ruins your computer omg… im running gtx1080ti and i7 88k and it is the worst i really want a refund..

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