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  1. Vic
    11:02 pm · Reply

    Native Americans are people, not mascots or logos.

    • Brian
      11:07 pm · Reply

      I like to look at the beauty of the Native Americans and not the negative. I think the logo as you mentioned is majestic and a gorgeous piece of art.

  2. Cheryl Francis
    9:07 am · Reply

    Niiiice font and your images are beautiful! Thank you.

  3. Arthur
    5:37 pm · Reply

    Where can I get the tails?

    • Tanner
      6:18 am · Reply

      I had to figure it out too, you can find the link in the .txt file of the download. But, I’ll save you the time:

      • TANYA K
        8:24 am ·

        What about Photoshop?

  4. Kaj
    10:43 am · Reply

    Well done! Great font!

  5. Valiana Mugi Rahayu
    9:04 am · Reply

    Very inspired. I like it😊

  6. Jared
    11:11 pm · Reply

    Cool font, I watched the video link above of how to add tails to letters with Adobe but I use Flexisign. Does anyone happen to know how to add this feature using Flexi? Can you even add tails in this program? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Dom
    9:39 am · Reply

    Awesome font, how do i add the tails in Photoshop? Thanks!

  8. Katja
    9:36 pm · Reply

    I have some question: Is this font for commercial use??

    • Ajir
      9:41 pm · Reply

      Yes, this is free for commercial uses

  9. Ellen
    7:47 pm · Reply

    This is beautiful!! Thank you! I hit download button below “subscribe” and it takes me to another page. Where is the button to download the font?

    • Leonie Dian
      5:39 pm · Reply

      After you subscribe, you can find the download link on the email you use for subscribing

  10. Kai
    3:27 am · Reply

    Is this streetware a free font? If so I don’t see a link to download. Please advise?

    • Ryan
      7:22 pm · Reply

      Absolutely. It’s free for personal and commercial use. You can Subscribe to Download this font.

  11. alex
    6:52 am · Reply

    I can download from. writes – Invalid download link

  12. Ryan
    9:53 pm · Reply

    We are trying hard to fix this problem, but the best we can do for now is to send us the download request via contact form. We will attach the file there.

  13. gracie
    4:47 am · Reply

    i would love to get a link to download streetwear font 😉

  14. Rishabh Singh Loomba
    4:55 pm · Reply


  15. Matthew
    11:39 am · Reply

    what a nice font

  16. dzmalik
    2:06 pm · Reply

    thanks you, id love to use this font :))

  17. Marcella
    4:17 pm · Reply

    beautiful font!!

  18. Yahya Ibrahim
    9:20 pm · Reply

    can I use it for commercial?

    • Leonie
      10:01 am · Reply

      Hi yahya, sure you can use it for commercial purposes

  19. Iqbal
    9:44 am · Reply

    nice font, i like it

  20. Lance
    4:37 am · Reply


  21. Tiffany
    5:05 pm · Reply

    This font is absolutely amazing. Just what I was looking for!

  22. Pablo
    7:16 pm · Reply

    Tank You!

  23. Pedro
    7:17 pm · Reply

    Tank You!

  24. TAKA
    4:54 pm · Reply

    Beautiful and cool font! I love this. Many thanks! 😉

  25. Damian
    8:38 am · Reply

    Cool font thank you!!!

  26. Eka
    12:06 pm · Reply

    Thanks a lot……….very inspiratif

  27. Roby
    2:43 am · Reply


  28. Roman
    8:01 am · Reply

    Thank you!!!

  29. Josia
    11:23 pm · Reply

    Big Thanks, this is Awesome.

  30. Vini
    4:37 am · Reply

    Very good, to play with these fonts.

  31. Gabriele
    10:23 am · Reply

    Thanks a lot. Such a beautiful, artistic font! 🙂

  32. Cleverson Ramos
    11:23 pm · Reply

    Imagens lindas e perfeitas, parabéns.

  33. foky
    12:25 am · Reply

    thaks a lot for the coolest font…

  34. suroso
    1:56 pm · Reply

    thank you

  35. Eric
    9:06 pm · Reply

    What is the font style used in “Urban” for the Urban Lagend example?

    • Leonie
      12:55 pm · Reply

      Hi Eric, it looks like Benton sans, Lytiga or Alright sans i guess

  36. David
    10:04 pm · Reply

    Going to look great on my Ts!

  37. james
    1:56 am · Reply

    Are other people having issues downloading the font? I get the zip file, but then nothing is inside the folder once expanded.

    • Leonie
      11:17 am · Reply

      Hi James, i tried to download it but the zip contains the font file. Maybe you can try downloading with different browser

  38. Lyn
    11:43 pm · Reply

    Thank you ♥

  39. David B
    1:02 am · Reply

    Thanks guys x

  40. Mandy
    10:04 pm · Reply

    How do I use the alternative characters? Is there a way to access them on Inkscape or Cricut design space?

  41. Lucas
    3:31 am · Reply

    This is beautiful!!
    Thank you!

  42. Ehmz
    8:12 am · Reply

    Thank you for this.

  43. Gee
    9:16 am · Reply

    What’s the font used for the “Viola Sanders” line on the second poster?

  44. Marsha
    5:18 pm · Reply

    For the life of me, I cannot find the letter “f” used in “finally in the “finally married to type” example. I have searched all the glyphs. Is it not included? 🙁

  45. Marsha
    5:20 pm · Reply

    ooops, nevermind! LOL

  46. Lou
    8:27 pm · Reply

    Thank You

  47. jenyo
    6:51 pm · Reply


  48. Pedro Oliveira
    2:18 pm · Reply

    I cant download because after login dont show me de button

    • Leonie
      3:19 pm · Reply

      Hi Pedro, it may took a while sometimes, maybe you can try download using different browser or clear your browser cache

      • Mauricio
        4:05 am ·

        been trying for the last 30 minutes…can’t download the font

      • Yudi Arnanda
        12:49 pm ·

        Hi Mauricio, I’ve fixed the download link. Please try to redownload.

  49. nanda
    2:44 pm · Reply

    Well done! Great font!

  50. Adieverson
    7:44 pm · Reply

    This is beautiful!!
    Thank you!

  51. Gary
    1:13 am · Reply

    Download button is not showing for me after I enter my email?

    • Yudi Arnanda
      12:50 pm · Reply

      Hi Gary, I’ve fixed the download link. Please try to redownload.

    6:28 am · Reply

    Hi I put in my email, but i’m taken back to the same page that’s asking for my email… HELP!!!! I really need this font!!!

    • Yudi Arnanda
      12:47 pm · Reply

      Hi Tanya, I’ve fixed the download link. Please try to redownload.

  53. RICKY
    7:22 pm · Reply

    How to download ? Help me !!! i can’t for download

    • Yudi Arnanda
      3:28 am · Reply

      Hello Ricky. Once you enter your email you will be redirected to the same page. And a download button will unlocked, and appear below the description. Did you find that??

  54. oman
    5:54 am · Reply

    Beautiful !!

    such a great project

  55. albaez
    8:19 am · Reply

    Thank you!!!

  56. Mart
    8:51 am · Reply

    Great font

  57. Nice post, your images are beatiful!!

  58. Amy
    9:01 pm · Reply

    pls HELP !! i can’t download it.. i tried to add my email but the download button wasn’t unlocked

    • Yudi Arnanda
      1:08 am · Reply

      What happens after you press the Unlock button? Are you redirected to the same page?

  59. Rebekah
    12:44 am · Reply

    Download doesn’t work :\ Such a nice font though!

    • Rebekah
      12:45 am · Reply


  60. guilherme
    8:59 pm · Reply

    txh !!!

  61. Aurora
    1:14 am · Reply

    Nope. Takes you back to same unlock page, over and over and over and over….

    • Yudi Arnanda
      9:10 am · Reply

      Hi, I tried several times on different browsers and it worked well. Please try again, and let me know if you have not successfully downloaded.

  62. ricardo
    8:02 pm · Reply

    tank you

  63. Carol me Ensina
    11:15 am · Reply


  64. REX
    1:25 pm · Reply

    After i enter my email i am redirected to the same page and i dont see any download button. HELP!

    • Yudi Arnanda
      9:09 am · Reply

      Hi, I tried several times on different browsers and it worked well. Please try again, and let me know if you have not successfully downloaded.

  65. Ash
    2:12 pm · Reply


  66. fahm
    11:22 pm · Reply


  67. Very good, amazing!

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