Square Pillow Mockup Square Pillow Mockup Square Pillow Mockup

Present your design with this Square Pillow Mockup! Mockups are always be the right choice to present your design and make it look more professional and will bring more interest to your project. This mockup can be very useful to showcase your pattern design, floral elements, fonts, illustration even logo and branding. Available in PSD Photoshop format with smart object feature to help you replacing design easily and quickly.

Big thanks to MassDream Studio for bringing us such a handy mockup for free. If you like this free demo, you can get more on the full version for the complete 8 different views and variety of arrangement from this mockup set!

: 67.29 MB
: Yes
Download (49148) Full Version

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Responses (16)

  1. wyanfei
    10:12 am · Reply

    Why all the downloaded file decompression said damage?

    • Leonie
      9:43 pm · Reply

      hi wyanfei. it works well on me, you can either try to redownload the file or use another kind of unzipping app (i use 7zipper for pc)

  2. TeaLabel
    6:49 pm · Reply

    It doesn´t work either :<

    • Yudi Arnanda
      5:14 pm · Reply

      Hi TeaLabel,
      I’ve fixed the download file, please try to re-download, it should works fine now.


  3. misia
    11:51 am · Reply

    Still not working 🙁

    • Yudi Arnanda
      11:59 am · Reply

      Hi Misia,
      I’ve fixed the download file, please try to re-download, it should works fine now.


  4. Amanda
    1:19 am · Reply

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It made my pattern look beautiful and is perfect for my portfolio to showcase my patterns. Wonderful and easy. Thank you much!

  5. ceah
    7:24 pm · Reply

    Thank yo so much for the great pillow mockup. This is better than the ones for sell!

  6. Ashlee
    7:35 am · Reply

    Is there a reason that when I save/export my image it crops down and only saves the bottom corner of the pillow?

  7. Kristina
    4:51 pm · Reply

    Thank you 🙂

  8. adeen
    1:44 am · Reply

    thank you very very much

  9. Sabrina
    9:01 pm · Reply

    It looks like the file is no longer there.

    • Yudi Arnanda
      11:52 pm · Reply

      I have downloaded it and it works well. Please try on a different browser.

  10. bagas
    1:24 am · Reply

    i cant download this one

    • Yudi Arnanda
      11:45 pm · Reply

      Hi, Fixed now. Please try to re-download. Thanks.

  11. Salcedo
    2:08 pm · Reply

    Thank you very much! Elegant and useful.

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