Slopes Free Display Typeface

Slopes Free Display Typeface is a handmade brush font made with a brush pen on plain paper. It’s suitable for that homemade or vintage feel. It comes with 400 characters with upper and lower case letter’s. Each letter is unique in it’s own way! Language support – Russian, Central European, Cyrillic, Latin and more. Hope you enjoy Slopes as much as the author did making it!

Thanks to Boris Garic for regularly sharing his latest works and freebie to fellow designers and the community. Check out on his portfolio so you can find out more about this author. Also, you can leave comments and hit the appreciate button to show your support toward his works. So, make sure to get there by clicking on the check out more link below!

: 538 KB
: Personal & Commercial Use
Download (7027) Check out more
Slopes Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (5)

  1. Grizzly Stonge
    9:15 am · Reply

    Pretty amazing font! 😀

  2. hokic
    9:37 pm · Reply

    I just would like to point out, that the download includes .pdf that states this file is for personal use only, not commercial, as stated above. So… what is right? May I use it commercially, or not? 🙂

    • Leonie
      7:56 pm · Reply

      Hi Hokic, sorry about that i miss checking on the license. It actually only available for personal use. Thanks for pointing out!

  3. Boris Garic
    3:43 am · Reply

    The link for the commercial license is here:

  4. Constantine
    4:41 pm · Reply

    Very nice!

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