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Shinko Sans – Humanist Font

Shinko Sans – Humanist Font is a soft and wide-style sans-serif font by Laire Banyu. “Shinko” in Japanese means new old, thus it is created to convey a blend of old and new impressions. The letter anatomy at the top end of the letter stems is slightly tapered to the right. While the shoulders are curved softly until they slightly bend towards the lower stem, giving a sharp and elegant impression that is pleasing to the eye. At the junction of thick stems, we provide ink traps so that it still looks good when viewed at small sizes.

Thanks to Jolicia Type for sharing with us this exquisite font! However, Shinko Sans – Humanist Font demo is only available for personal use. So, if you want to access more its full features and license, go get the premium version as well!

Shinko Sans
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