selima script free font selima script free font selima script free font selima script free font selima script free font selima script free font

Selima Script is a free brush-lettered font with beautiful irregular shapes and baseline. Perfect for eye-catching messages and great to put some personal touches on your design.

Big thanks to JROH Creative for providing this amazing font for free. Check out more awesome fonts at their portfolio.

: OTF (OpenType Font)
: 59.6 KB
: Commercial & Personal Use
Download (298695) Check out more
Selima Script Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (62)

  1. vjj
    1:06 pm · Reply

    i like to use for commercial for my clients and delivery the design in EPS file as outlines.

    • Ajir
      1:51 pm · Reply

      Hi, Feel free!
      This font allows commercial use.

  2. Helen
    1:59 pm · Reply

    how to download this amazing font? Nothing happen when I press the download button.

  3. Ajir
    3:11 pm · Reply

    Hi Helen,
    It should downloaded automatically after you click the download button.
    Please check the download folder on your computer.

  4. Min
    9:44 am · Reply

    hi ajir…the download button is not functioning i guess…

    • Ajir
      5:29 pm · Reply

      the download button is working fine, I’ve tried it myself

  5. Daniela
    2:55 am · Reply

    Hi! I love your font! I’m just wondering if it’s available for personal and commercial use or just personal 🙂 i’m asking for a logo idea i have in mind. I hope you can answer! And thank you for your lovely font

    • Ajir
      12:11 pm · Reply

      Hi Daniela,
      Yes, you’re allowed to use it commercially.

  6. Lysa
    1:03 pm · Reply

    I absolutely LOVE your font!! Thank you a million times over for creating it & for making it a FREE font as well!! It found a permanent home in my font collection!!

  7. Lizzy
    1:50 pm · Reply

    any idea why a small “g” has it’s bottom letter cut of using this font?

  8. Arturo
    7:00 pm · Reply

    Hello, first of all congratulate you on your great work, I realize badges pin, shirts, wedding invitations, and would like to know if I can use this font for commercial use.
    Thanks from Spain

    (Sorry if my English is not very good heh heh)

    • Ryan
      3:09 am · Reply

      Thanks Arturo,
      Sure, you can use this font for personal and commercial project.

  9. moomin
    5:39 am · Reply

    Hi! I love your font so muchhhh. Very nice work. Thank u for sharing and making it free. 🙂 Can I use this font to create my logo by adding some cute icon to mix with it? Could you please answer me?

    • Ryan
      4:12 pm · Reply

      Of course you can do it. you are free to use it for personal and commercial by mixing this font with other element. Have fun.

  10. Ivel
    11:32 pm · Reply

    Beautiful font specially for a font lover like me! Thank You!

  11. Kristina
    11:59 am · Reply


    I’m just wondering when I download this Selima Font, it cuts the bottom part of the font off, is there a reason for this? or is there somewhere I can get the proper file from?


    • Leonie
      9:39 pm · Reply

      you can contact the author on the link from the “check out more” button

    • Robyn
      12:15 pm · Reply

      Hi Kristina,
      Did you receive a fix on your problem? I am also having an issue with the bottom of the font cut off.


  12. chloe
    9:56 pm · Reply

    Thanks so much for this awesome font!

  13. Noël
    2:42 am · Reply

    Beautiful font! I downloaded it but the zip file is empty. Any idea why?

    • Yudi Arnanda
      5:16 pm · Reply

      Hi Noël,
      I’ve fixed the download file, please try to re-download, it should works fine now.


  14. vanessa
    10:35 am · Reply

    hi, i love this font so much. but whenever i dl the zipped file, its empty in it…anyone can help?

    • Yudi Arnanda
      5:15 pm · Reply

      Hi Vanessa,
      I’ve fixed the download file, please try to re-download, it should works fine now.


  15. Robyn
    12:45 pm · Reply

    I have downloaded the font but the bottom of the letters are cut off? Can you tell me how to fix it.


    • Yudi Arnanda
      11:19 pm · Reply

      Hi Robyn,
      I’ve fixed the download file, please try to re-download, it should works fine now.


      • angel
        2:11 pm ·

        Hi Yudi,
        Nope it is still won’t work out 🙁 could you help me?

        But really good font by the way 🙂 Thank you.

      • Yudi Arnanda
        5:20 pm ·

        Hi Angle,

        Can you send me a screenshot of why you can not download? Please contact us, I will send to you selima font 🙂

  16. Katie
    2:04 am · Reply

    I have also downloaded font and bottom of the letters are cutting off. Can you advise how to fix.

  17. Kimberly
    10:15 am · Reply

    Hello there. There seems to still be an issue with the bottom of the font being cut off. Otherwise, beautiful font!!

  18. Melissa
    11:23 pm · Reply

    The font is cutting off along the bottom. Any fix?

  19. naomi
    12:43 am · Reply

    has there been a solution yet to the bottom of the font being cut off? I love this font sooo much!

  20. Natjaree
    4:13 pm · Reply

    Hi! I loooooove this font! You are truly talented!! But when I download it the bottom part is cut off 🙁 Any possible way to have the full font?? Thanks so much!!

    • Leonie
      12:53 pm · Reply

      Hi Natjaree,
      the file has been fixed, please try to re-download

      • Natjaree
        9:27 am ·

        Thank you so much! it’s fixed!! yayyyy

  21. Darcie
    10:14 pm · Reply

    Wonderful font, thank you! Can you tell me how you make the alternate lowercase “s” that you see in the word “simplicity” above? It has an additional swirl at the top of the s that I like, but can’t figure out how to make it.

    • Leonie
      9:39 pm · Reply

      Hi Darcie, the “lowercase s” on “simplicity” is using the opentype features, which you can have as well after purchasing the full version. If you are about use it on ms. word you can find it on character map.

  22. Rebecca
    2:47 pm · Reply

    can I use this Font on websites? Or do I need to purchase another version.

    • Leonie
      11:15 am · Reply

      Hi Rebecca, yes you need to purchase one with commercial license for that

      • Casie
        10:25 am ·

        Hi, just wondering why a commercial license would need to be purchased because it says commercial use beside license in the description, and when it’s downloaded their is a little note that says it is also for commercial use. Just looking for clarification. Thank you!

      • Leonie
        9:14 pm ·

        Hi Casie, Selima is also one of our exclusive freebie made by our team, but you can support the author by clicking on the check out more button and purchase some from their premium work.

  23. Ellie
    9:27 pm · Reply

    I love this font but I can’t seem to install it – just comes up with errors. Is there a problem with the download? 🙁

    • Leonie
      3:33 pm · Reply

      Hi Ellie, you can try re-download the font. But if it still doesn’t work, maybe this font just are not supported for your platform

  24. Al
    4:34 pm · Reply

    may i use this font in my you tube channel?

    • Leonie
      8:59 pm · Reply

      Hi Al, sure you can!

  25. Wulan Pramanik
    7:37 pm · Reply

    Hi I’ve tried downloading it but im not sure it has succeed yet as I haven’t received any files to extract. It popped out Thanks for downloading but still not success..

    Please help..

    I have shared thru my Pinterest account about your Selima Font 😉

    • Leonie
      8:46 pm · Reply

      Hi Wulan, you may try using different browser or clear your browser cache before downloading. Hope it works

  26. Debbie
    8:40 am · Reply

    How do I give you want me to give you proper credit? I can of course say the font design is by you and send a link to your store? Thanks for the font. Its to add to a t shirt design.

    • Leonie
      7:59 pm · Reply

      Hi Debbie, yes you can do it that way, please refer to the link on the “check out more” button

  27. Tam
    2:21 am · Reply

    Hi Download is not working .. It says its downloading but nothing happens & NO file is downloaded ..

    Please advise

    Many Thanks

    • Yudi Arnanda
      7:17 pm · Reply

      Hi, I try to download and work well, what happens when you click the download button? What browser are you using?

  28. Kelly
    2:25 pm · Reply

    This font is amazing, I read its free for commercial use but I just want to double check, would this be okay to use for paper books? Booklets and such?

    • Leonie
      8:37 pm · Reply

      Hi Kelly, yes of course

  29. Gabriel Felippe Mello
    1:04 am · Reply

    Holy God
    Thank you so much for letting it available.
    Such a beautiful font. Thanks!

  30. bangaldhy
    11:10 pm · Reply

    wow.. best font for my design

  31. Adrienne
    10:33 pm · Reply

    Nice font! Are you planning to add some other characters (such as “ő” and “ű” for example?

  32. MunMun
    1:08 pm · Reply

    Very beautiful font!
    Would like to ask your permission to use this beautiful font in vector artworks that are sold for commercial use such as logo. Fonts are not embedded in .eps files, but outlines of some used letters are part of the file. Can I and my client use these fonts for this purpose with no additional license or fee?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you very much.

    • Leonie
      12:41 am · Reply

      Hi MunMun, yes you can use it for commercial purposes. But if you want to make sure, please directly contact the author (link available on description)

  33. bruna
    1:57 am · Reply

    Baixa em PDF, mas nao configo abrir!

    • Yudi Arnanda
      12:31 am · Reply

      We have fixed it. Please try to download again. Thank you

  34. Dan
    9:51 pm · Reply

    Hi. Seems as tho the download is not working.

    • Yudi Arnanda
      11:54 pm · Reply

      It works well here.

  35. KumiHoshino
    12:28 pm · Reply

    Thank you for this amazing font!!

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