Quasimoda Family Free Demo consist Quasimoda Light you can have for free today. Quasimoda itself is the “almost fashionable” sans serif family with 11 weights and matching italics. It combines fashionable geometric forms with old-fashioned classical proportions. Botio Nikoltchev designed Quasimoda so that the lighter weights give off a fresh, modern feel, the middle weights provide excellent readability and elegance for longer texts. In the other hand, the boldest weights introduce a slightly antiquated flair. Quasimoda combines well with Renaissance serif fonts such as Garamond’s, or it can serve itself as a leading body font for longer texts, as well as a variety of branding, headline and display purposes.

Thanks to Lettersoup TypeFoundry for sharing this stunning free demo. If you like Quasimoda  make sure to get the complete family on its full version. Then you will have the full 11 weights which include characters for more than 80 Latin-script languages. Quasimoda also comes with several sets of figures available as OpenType features.

: 35 KB
: Personal Use Only
Download (3211) Full version
Quasimoda Light Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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