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Playlist is a perfectly imperfect handdrawn font with dry brush styles. Playlist font contains 3 styles: Script, Caps, and Ornament, which you can combine to create a beautiful designs.

Playlist Free Font can be used in any purposes; personal and commercial. It is suitable for wedding invitation, greeting card, illustration, quotes, poster, t-shirt design, etc.

Big thanks to Artimasa for providing this free font exclusively to us. Make sure to check out more awesome fonts at their portfolio.

: Script, Caps, Ornament
: OTF (OpenType Font)
: 73.8 KB
Playlist Script Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.
Playlist Caps Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (137)

  1. Mike
    6:27 pm · Reply

    Sorry maybe I’m blind but can’t see where the download link is for this font?

    • Ajir
      6:54 pm · Reply

      Hi Mike, simply enter your email in the form above to receive the download link right in your inbox.

      • Ivan
        2:06 pm ·

        Hello, I have sent my email address in the form provided, and it sent me an email for subscription. No download link was sent however.

      • Yudi Arnanda
        12:56 pm ·

        Hi Ivan, I’ve fixed the download link. Please try to redownload.

      • Allison
        7:28 am ·

        This is not working for me either, sadly. I tried many times and am only getting the subscription email. Very disappointing!

      • Bonnie Edens
        2:29 am ·

        Same, not working.. 🙁

      • Yudi Arnanda
        2:10 pm ·

        Hi, Fixed now. Please try to re-download. Thanks.

  2. gombakplastic
    7:41 pm · Reply

    cool font

  3. Kou
    7:38 am · Reply

    I entered my email into the form and got a “confirm subscription” email but still no font download?

    • Ajir
      7:40 am · Reply

      Hi Kou, please check in the spam folder.

      • Kou
        7:47 am ·

        There’s nothing there either.
        I’ll try again with a different email and let you know.
        Thanks for the super fast reply!

      • Kou
        7:59 am ·

        Hey Ajir,

        Still no download, just the ‘confirm submission’ email.

      • Ajir
        10:57 am ·

        Hi, we’ve tried it several times with different email addresses and it works just fine.

  4. Theis
    7:26 pm · Reply

    I don’t receive a download link – only a confirmation mail. Also no mail in my spam folder 🙁

  5. Lorena
    7:34 pm · Reply

    I have subscribed and I have received the confirmation email , I confirmed!! … but I find the download. Quick fix please, thanks.

  6. Ajir
    7:50 pm · Reply

    Hi guys, sorry for this inconvenience. We’ve tried to fix it.
    Please try to reenter your email in the form above.

  7. Debi
    9:43 pm · Reply

    love free fonts 🙂

  8. Susan
    9:51 pm · Reply

    I’m not recieving the download link. (it’s not in my spam folder either)
    Is there a problem?

    • Ajir
      9:59 pm · Reply

      hi Susan, please drop us a line or even the screenshot about the problem to, we’ll try to assist you from there.

      • Judy
        3:18 pm ·

        Haahhhaa. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  9. Suzy
    9:51 pm · Reply

    I subscribed but never got confirmation email. Help!

  10. Summer Himes
    10:29 pm · Reply

    I have already subscribed a while back and received an email about this free font. It leads me to this page and wants me to subscribe again to receive the font. I don’t see a login page. How do I get this font? Thank you, Summer

    • Ajir
      10:53 pm · Reply

      Hi Summer, simply enter your email again to unlock and you’ll receive a link to download this font.

      • Summer Himes
        5:32 am ·

        I just clicked off and then back on again and it now lets me download it. Thank you, Love the Font

  11. Elena
    12:32 am · Reply

    I’cant use the Caps, Why?

  12. Verp
    1:44 am · Reply

    Hi, I sent an email, but I received the following response:

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
    Delivery to the following recipients failed.

  13. MK
    3:06 am · Reply

    Hey, I’m having repeated problems also.
    I’ve already subscribed – and click through from an email link, but always get asked to subscribe…?

  14. Trina Flynn
    4:58 am · Reply

    Thank you for the awesome Font!

  15. Caroline
    5:35 am · Reply

    Amazing font – perfect for my wedding invitation. Thank you!

  16. Natalie
    8:14 am · Reply

    No problems getting the download for me! Thanks for these beautiful fonts.

  17. Melanie
    8:34 pm · Reply

    I did not receive the confirmation email. Do you have an alternative way to download the font?

    • Ajir
      8:41 pm · Reply

      do you received the download link email?

  18. SANDRA
    4:44 am · Reply

    For the Ornament Fonts, are there short cut keys? I’m not sure which keys to use. Can you assist? Thanks.

    • Ajir
      7:14 am · Reply

      Hi Sandra, all ornament can be found on lowercase and uppercase characters. So I think they are easy to find.

  19. biba
    9:30 pm · Reply

    Downloaded the font and using it. Thanks for it! Beautiful 😀

  20. diar
    8:40 pm · Reply

    again, you did such great works, many thanks.

  21. Fernanda
    9:28 pm · Reply

    I can’t find the codes for the ornaments

    • Ajir
      9:42 pm · Reply

      Hi Fernanda, The ornaments use standard uppercase and lowercase characters.

      • Fernanda
        9:50 pm ·

        I’m sorry, but I cant find (sorry for troubling you)

  22. Diego Armando
    4:12 am · Reply

    Buenas tardes, ya confirmé, pero no veo el enlace de descarga por ningún lado, ¿Me pueden ayudar?

  23. mabi
    11:33 pm · Reply

    Signed up but never got a response.

  24. LaMonica
    8:44 pm · Reply

    Where can I find the all the mock ups used with the font?

  25. Chelsea
    10:26 am · Reply

    signed up but never got an email.

  26. Kaj
    11:00 am · Reply

    Very cool! So authentic 🙂

  27. vjj
    12:51 pm · Reply

    i like to use for commercial for my clients and delivery the design in EPS file.

    • Ajir
      1:53 pm · Reply

      Hi, Feel free!
      This font allows commercial use.

  28. Ewa
    9:21 pm · Reply

    I can not find it after downloading it and i dont know why 🙁

  29. Lynne Poole
    9:30 pm · Reply

    Hi Mike, I got the email but the link doesn’t work, tried several ways to find it, but so far no luck. Should I put in my email again? Try A different email? Help, just love this font!

  30. Lynne Poole
    9:31 pm · Reply

    and now I just found it… Thanks great work

  31. Ajir
    10:24 pm · Reply

    Hi Ewa, please check your spam folder

  32. Renee
    12:42 am · Reply

    Hello & thank you for the opportunity!! I have downloaded all 3 versions of the font, but am having a strange problem with the family. The only font that shows up in my application and that I can use is titled simply ‘Playlist’ and is the SCRIPT version. On the other hand, only the ORNAMENTS show up in my fonts folder and CAPS doesn’t show up anywhere…. would love to use the combination of all 3. Any suggestions?

    • Keith
      11:37 pm · Reply

      I had a similar issue. Playlist script is the only font I see in applications. Ornaments doesn’t show up anywhere. And CAPS is the only thing in my fonts folder.

      • Yudi
        12:15 am ·

        Hi, please try to redownload, it should works fine now.

      • Yudi
        12:32 am ·

        Hi Renee, please try to redownload, it should works fine now.

  33. Karen
    3:05 pm · Reply

    i can’t find the download button!! T__T i already received the download link… but it shows me the same

    • Ajir
      3:30 pm · Reply

      Hi, please try to redownload, it should works fine now.

  34. Lucky
    3:17 pm · Reply

    hey, I tried to download this but everytime i click on the download link it links me back and asks me to subscribe everytime.

  35. Lucky
    3:17 pm · Reply

    hey, I tried to download this but everytime i click on the download link it links me back and asks me to subscribe every time.

    • Ajir
      3:30 pm · Reply

      Hi, please try to redownload, it should works fine now.

  36. Ali
    11:05 pm · Reply

    Very nice font

  37. Pia
    4:34 am · Reply

    Gaaaaahhhhhh!! LOVE this font!! thank you so much for your generosity!!!

  38. Steven
    7:34 pm · Reply

    Hi Ajir,

    I have tried to download 2 typefaces from here. I have subscribed with my email, but i receive no emails, nor in my junk folder either.

    Hope to hear from you

    • Yudi
      3:24 pm · Reply

      Hello Steven, Please try to redownload it. I’ve downloaded it my self and it works just fine.

  39. Charlotte
    11:13 pm · Reply

    Sooooooooo nice! Thank you <3

  40. on
    7:09 pm · Reply

    I signed up to get the font «Playlist» free. But it only takes me to download some psd-crap. When I click the font, I´m only told to subscribe again.

  41. Idalia
    11:34 am · Reply

    i cant download the font :/

    • Yudi
      12:33 am · Reply

      I try to download, and work fine here. Please try to redownload.

  42. Missy
    8:05 am · Reply

    I love it! I’m text driving it on my website right now!!

  43. Sheena
    4:05 pm · Reply

    Hello I’m trying to add the font to my site but need the font family for this. Please may you help me out. Absolutely love your font. Thank you

  44. wenny
    7:40 pm · Reply

    hay… thank u.. this font is beauty…

  45. Rocio Almodovar
    5:34 pm · Reply

    I signed up and nothing downloaded, have tried several times

  46. tommy
    1:45 pm · Reply

    thanks!! beautiful font..

  47. Hi
    9:49 pm · Reply

    Thank you!!!!! XD

  48. Jamie
    11:28 pm · Reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this font. I use it weekly! <3

  49. Diana
    12:21 am · Reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this font family! I was able to download all 3 (CAPS, ORNAMENT and SCRIPT). I installed all 3, but only the “Script” font appears in my list of fonts when I open a program such Word, PPT, etc. Only “Script” appears in my installed Fonts folder (C:/Windows/Fonts). If I try to reinstall the CAPS and Ornament, it tells me it’s already installed. Help! I’d love to use the Caps and Ornament versions! THX for your help!

    • Leonie
      4:27 pm · Reply

      Hi Diana, for PPT you can only use the the caps and the script, for the caps you can hit the bold style then it will automatically turn into the caps. But if you want to use all the fonts you need to use Photoshop CC where you can access the glypsh and all the characters. Hope it helps

  50. Candace
    11:10 pm · Reply

    Hi, I am not seeing the ornament font that is described above? Is that no longer available?

    • Leonie
      8:35 pm · Reply

      Hi Candace, it’s just not appear on the preview down there but it’s still available in the download file.

  51. Michelle
    1:03 am · Reply

    I have downloaded and installed this font, however, the capital A will not work.

    • Leonie
      8:36 pm · Reply

      Hi Michelle, i tried using this font and it works fine on me, i suggest to re-install the font

  52. Andy Smith
    7:58 pm · Reply

    Hi there, I’m quite frustrated I have tried downloading Playlist Script font 12 times and even though I can see it on my system in the list of fonts, when I select it for use or to replace another font it just does not appear and shows blank
    can you help as it is important to me

    • Leonie
      5:02 pm · Reply

      Hi Andy, have you tried using different email? since this one requires subscribe to download. But if you have tried it and still won’t work please send me your email, i’ll be sending the file directly to you

  53. Katie
    12:18 pm · Reply

    Hi There. Love this font, but the lowercase letters are not working. All I see when I type out a work are it’s Uppercase images in a smaller size. How do I download the lowercase?

    • Leonie
      10:50 am · Reply

      Hi Katie, this pack contain all the letters you can use every characters on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

    • Vevek Shah
      2:02 am · Reply

      You use the Script version for that. Not just the CAPS version

  54. Jodi Shaw
    3:09 pm · Reply

    Can I get a reply as to why we can’t use all caps and only script? It’s only showing script in my font folder. If I delete it then caps shows up for me to use. This is windows 10 and I’ve searched for hours and hours. I’ve contacted the creator as well. But I see I’m not the only one who has this issue with not being able to install all three fonts. For instance Installing other fonts it shows the font, then font bold, then font italics. This font only shows one but not all three. There has to be a reason such as the font not being rendered properly. Yet others on here are using it just fine. Help is appreciated.

    • Leonie
      9:41 am · Reply

      Hi Jodi, you can access all the complete character if you are using app such as Illustrator, Photoshop or Corel Draw.

    • CharlieP
      11:55 am · Reply

      I am having the same exact problem. I’ve tried re-installing, renaming, and none of that seems to work.

  55. shruti
    11:23 pm · Reply

    hi , can i use this for website and logo??

    • Leonie
      8:24 pm · Reply

      Hi Shruti, yes you can

  56. Paulette
    9:03 pm · Reply

    Hi – I have registered with my email address and have tried downloading it multiple times. Every time I click on open and nothing happens. It doesn’t even show up in my downloads file. How else can I get this font? Thanks

    • Leonie
      8:25 pm · Reply

      Hi Paulette, the download works fine from here, maybe you can try re-download it using different browser

  57. adventus
    9:46 am · Reply

    i love this font ,,, thank you

  58. jihyun yun
    6:53 pm · Reply

    thank you very beautiful

  59. jihyun
    6:56 pm · Reply

    thank you it’s beautiful

  60. Amira
    3:41 pm · Reply

    Having trouble downloading. Tried using 3 different browsers but same thing happens. I enter my email, page redirects, but I end up at the same page with no download button. Even tried using different emails but still no download button :/

    • Yudi Arnanda
      12:55 pm · Reply

      Hi Amira, I’ve fixed the download link. Please try to redownload.

  61. Dennis
    8:23 am · Reply


    Like others with the same problem, only one of the 3 fonts can be installed at a time. I believe it’s because each of the 3 is titled “Playlist”. Even though the files have different names, Windows only sees the name of the font that is within the file. So, we’re only able to install one at a time. If I install the next file, it simply over-writes the previous.

    Can you re-name and fix this so all 3 of the script/caps/ornament can all be installed and usable at the same time? Re-naming the files doesn’t work….and I know nothing about actually editing the font and that information.

    • Nancy
      1:00 am · Reply

      I’m having the same problem – only 1 at a time can install. I JUST now downloaded

      • Leonie
        8:58 pm ·

        Hi Nancy, to access all the characters you need to use app such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

      • Jen
        10:51 pm ·

        That’s a huge bummer. 🙁

  62. ilee
    4:58 pm · Reply

    This font is beautiful! Thank you!!

  63. Barbara
    3:15 pm · Reply

    Beatutiful font. Thank you! 🙂

  64. Katie Bobka
    10:06 pm · Reply

    I’m in love with this font. I’d like to use it on my product website. Could you please point me in the right direction to obtain the CSS info on this font.

  65. Barbara
    1:15 am · Reply

    I am having the same problem in that I’ve signed up for a subscription yet do not see the download option.

    • Barbara
      1:17 am · Reply

      Nevermind I was able to get it once I had commented! 🙂 beautiful font!

    • Leonie
      1:00 pm · Reply

      Hi Barbara, have you tried download using different browser?

  66. tania
    2:58 pm · Reply

    Hi, no download link even after email confirmation

    • Yudi Arnanda
      11:18 pm · Reply

      Are you redirected to the same page and the download button appears after you enter your email?

  67. Julia
    3:27 pm · Reply

    I can’t see anything after leaving the email…..

    • Yudi Arnanda
      4:05 pm · Reply

      Are you redirected to the same page after leaving the email?

  68. ng
    7:47 am · Reply

    hi i only got subscription email which i did accept. however not getting any mail or link for dowload after multiple attempts. please help!

    • Leonie
      4:36 pm · Reply

      Hi Ng, you aint gotta receive email for the download instead when you enter your mail, the download button will appear on the same page, under the description.

  69. Ema
    8:09 am · Reply

    This is such a lovely font. Bravo for this. I’m in love with it already. Many thanks.

  70. ThaBrain
    8:14 am · Reply

    NVM, Tooootally got it. Seems you hafta wait a bit for the button to unlock, It’s not like Instant or anything. Thaaaaaaanks!!

  71. ng
    6:31 pm · Reply

    Thank you Leonie! I got it, and it’s a beautiful font!

  72. Kasia
    12:29 am · Reply

    Hi, I have the same issue as all above. Entered email and no link in the e mail or download button on this page after re-loaded. Checked on Chrome browser and IE browser.

    • Leonie
      1:58 pm · Reply

      Hi Kasia, you need to fill out your email first, submit, and wait the page to reload then you will receive download link on your email

  73. Kasia
    12:39 am · Reply

    Haha it looks you have to wait a while. After left a comment, download button appeared.

  74. Stacee
    3:13 pm · Reply

    I added my email address but I never received a download option here or via email.

    • Leonie
      1:58 pm · Reply

      Hi Stacee, you need to fill out your email first, submit, and wait the page to reload then you will receive download link on your email

  75. stacee
    3:14 pm · Reply

    Disregard, I just had to refresh the page.

    • Yudi Arnanda
      9:09 am · Reply

      Hi, I tried several times on different browsers and it worked well. Please try again, and let me know if you have not successfully downloaded.

  76. Geri Z.
    12:57 am · Reply

    Signed up but no follow up email.

    • Yudi Arnanda
      7:20 pm · Reply

      Do you get a download link on your email? Have you checked the spam folder?

  77. Ralte
    8:25 pm · Reply

    Excellent font. Thank you for gracefully willing to share the fruits of your hard work.

  78. nikita
    12:54 am · Reply

    Hi, can I use this for a logo?

    • Leonie
      6:53 pm · Reply

      Hi Nikita, yes sure you can

  79. elvira
    9:50 pm · Reply

    Great font, I love it!!!

  80. Yan
    7:51 am · Reply

    Hello. May I use this for commercial use?

    • Leonie
      9:00 pm · Reply

      Hi Yan, sure you can!

  81. Amanda
    12:53 pm · Reply

    Hi The download link just brings me back to this page?

    • Yudi Arnanda
      2:39 pm · Reply

      The download link will send to you email.

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