Pistachio Sans 5 Free DemoPistachio Sans 5 Free DemoPistachio Sans 5 Free DemoPistachio Sans 5 Free DemoPistachio Sans 5 Free DemoPistachio Sans 5 Free DemoPistachio Sans 5 Free DemoPistachio Sans 5 Free Demo

Are you looking for an appropriate typeface for coffee shops concept? Here you can try on Pistachio Sans 5 Free Demo. Pistachio is the new type family of Estudio Calderon that contains 18 fonts to design great illustrations. It will look great especially in coffee shops, bakeries, ice-cream shops, candy stores, pastry shops, fruit shops and all those places where food is the center. Pistachio was designed by hand using pencils and markers that let us get a handcrafted and rough texture.

Thanks to Felipe Calderón for giving us chance to have a try on Pistachio. If you want the complete set of this family, then check out on the full version. Also, have a look on their portfolio and website for other free typeface and other premium projects

: OTF (OpenType Font)
: 31 KB
Download (12318) Full version

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Responses (7)

  1. kim
    12:02 pm · Reply

    I don’t usually leave negative comments, nor do I like to. However, this Freebie was a little deceiving. The free font was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be this lovely monoline script, but instead was a handwritten outlined sans serif. Probably the one in the photo that says “Lets Eat.” I love getting most of the freebies, thank you so much. But this one was disappointing. Sorry.

    • Misha
      8:24 pm · Reply

      Hello Kim. I dont usually reply negative comments too. If the freebie is not as you expected because you didn’t read the title. This is just a free demo font, if you want to get more just purchase the full version. You can find the link below the description. The author of this font also need money to “eat”. Thank you so much. But you screwed up. Sorry

      • brownin329
        12:22 am ·

        That’s really good customer service. <>

      • Mary
        12:28 am ·

        Hi Misha, it’s a free demo font with the title “Pistachio,” and the word “Pistachio” in both the thumbnail and also the top image are in the monoline script. That’s why it’s a misleading download. Nobody is contesting that the creator of the font needs money to eat…. It’s fine that the demo is just the sans serif, but if you’re going to advertise a part of the font family as being free, then the advertisement should reflect what the person would receive. There’s no need to be snide or to tell someone they screwed up when it’s easy to see why they feel misled.

      • Mary
        7:11 am ·

        Misha, the title for this font is “Pistachio Sans 5 Free Demo,” and both the thumbnail image and also the top image have the word “Pistachio” in a monoline script. It’s easy to see how someone would think that is the font that would be received when downloading the freebie. Before being unnecessarily snide and telling someone they screwed up, or implying that they don’t understand the font’s creator needs money to eat, perhaps take your own advice and read the title, then try to understand why someone felt misled. While it’s wonderful that someone decided to share a part of their font family as a free demo, the advertisement for that demo should reflect what is being offered.

  2. Jane P
    3:07 am · Reply

    I agree. This was a little deceiving.

  3. Michael
    1:40 am · Reply

    I wonder if the creator realized they misspelled the name of the font in the graphic.

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