Welcome to all who loves all magic, scandinavian, alchemic and other esoterical things! Here comes Mystic Scandinavian Runic Set by Draw Wing Zen. The all new mystic set that consist of esoteric symbols, moon phases, runes, crystals, herbs and textures (blue and gray gradations, white, gold and silver color of elements). This sacred set is ideal for creating unusual, mysterious, contemporary and eye catching design, for example brand identity, logos, mystical wedding invites and stationery, posters, invitations, packaging, and more! All graphics are drawn by hand, scanned at high resolution (600 dpi), cleaned carefully in Photoshop and cut out for the comfortable easy use of transparent .png files (just drop and down any element to your project).

Thanks to Draw-Wing-Zen for sharing this beautiful demo pack to the community. However, this demo is just a small part of Mystic Scandinavian collection. So, if you want to find out more about the pack, go check out the full version and get one for yourself.

: 39.3 MB
: Personal and Commercial Use
Download (2089) Full version

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Responses (4)

  1. John Keogh
    9:00 pm · Reply

    Is the file complete? I can’t get it to download.

    • Tory
      2:42 am · Reply

      can you please tell me about exact problem with downloading?

    • Ronny Nilsson
      2:30 pm · Reply

      Protocoll error prevented download to complete. 9 times out of 10 it happens when downloading free content on this site. Shape up!

  2. John Keogh
    8:16 pm · Reply

    Got it now. The download would not complete in Safari. It worked in Firefox.

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