Lovewins Free Lettering CollectionLovewins Free Lettering CollectionLovewins Free Lettering Collection

Lovewins Free Lettering Collection is a series of 60 phrases handwritten with expertise and love. It is specially designed to celebrate diversity. The lettering was crafted with different calligraphic tools creating diverse aesthetics. You can use them to create your signs, t-shirts, stickers, poster, banners. All you need is to spread love during your Pride Celebrations (or day-to-day life!). So if you support love and freedom, this is your new favorite freebie! Shout LOVE out loud!

Thanks to Resistenza for sharing this lovely lettering set to the community. So, if you find this freebie interesting, make sure to check out their whole website and leave comments to show your support. Also, there are more free typeface from them awaiting for you.

: 2.78 MB
: Personal and Commercial Use

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