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Linked Now Typeface – Free Weight

Linked Now Typeface – Free Weight is here! The font name is Linked Now because this Typeface has Multiple Discreationary Ligatures. The ligatures unite two different letters to make a striking shape.

It is s a powerful grotesque typeface that appear to be versatile in a wide range of contexts. Having more than 50 stylish Dsicreationary Ligatures on Uppercase letters and unique Alternate on certain letters makes it seem like they have various shapes, so they are great to use as display fonts. To complete it, Linked Now typeface comes with 8 weights from Extralight to black and each includes italic.

Thanks to Jehoo Creative for creating and sharing this awesome typeface to the community here! However, this Linked Now Typeface – Free Weight is only a small part of this font family. So, if you want to access full features, and use it for any commercial project, make sure to go get the premium version as well!

Linked Now - Extrabold
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