Lena Free Display TypefaceLena Free Display Typeface

Lena Free Display Typeface is a new and absolutely unique font that combines geometric and soft forms. This stunning typeface is coming to you today from the latest work of Vsevolod Abramov. Lena is perfect for display purpose, such as headlines, logo font, poster, packaging and branding as well.

Thanks to Vsevolod Abramov for providing this gorgeous typeface to the community! So, if you find this freebie interesting and useful, let him know by visiting his portfolio. You can get there by clicking on the check out more button. Then you can leave comments and appreciate right away to show your support!

: 30.44 KB
: Personal and Commercial Use
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Lena Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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  1. Lena Johansen
    8:59 am · Reply

    So cool, I have a font with my name on it 😉 Thank you, I look forward to trying it out 😉

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