Lagu Sans-Serif Family Free Demo is two trial version fonts from Lagu Sans family. a contemporary typeface that blends a geometric inspiration with a charming contrast between thick and thin strokes. The companion Lagu Serif blends a geometric inspiration with warm humanist elements. Hence, it is the perfect choice for when you need a fresh, contemporary serif typeface. Lagu Sans and Serif have a large x-height and open counterforms, making them easily readable.

Thanks to Alessio Laiso for sharing these demo fonts and let us giving a try! This demo is only available for personal use only. So, for all the complete family with full license, go grab its full version now! Lagu Sans and Serif in 18 styles each: 9 weights ranging from Thin to Black, with matching, beautiful italics. Additionally, the Lagu family excels in applications including web, digital, print, branding and signage. Also, comes with powerful OpenType features, including ligatures, alternative glyphs, small caps, fractions and more. The Lagu family supports 219 languages, covering 100% of the Latin Plus character set.

: 128 KB
: Personal Use Only
Download (2976) Full version

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