Kulag Free Display Typeface is an all caps bilingual font, designed for latin and Cyrillic alphabets. The origin of this typeface is from a propaganda background. It also come from references to typographic examples found in posters, documents and certificates from the Soviet Union. Moreover, This grosteque typeface was developed for use in advertisement and other large scale work. Kulag includes Latin and Cyrillic capitals, outlines and numerals.

Thanks to Pavels Lavrinovics for sharing this awesome free typeface. Then, if you like Kulag and use it on your project, show your support by visiting the author’s website. You can get there by clicking the check out more button below the description. Also, check out on his portfolio for other creative works.

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  1. Grizzly Stonge
    11:57 am · Reply

    Pretty amazing Font! 😀

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