Exclusively coming from our team today, Klasik Sans Free Typefamily. Klasik is a family of simple and functional display sans. This family consist Klasik regular, rough and shadow. Thanks to the 3 different styles, you can easily choose your own Klasik that will perfectly fit into different design area. Moreover, its distinctive rough lines makes this font great for any design with retro touch, such as poster, advertising and barber shop’s or cafe branding as well.

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: 325 KB
: Commercial
Klasik Regular Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.
Klasik Rough Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.
Klasik Shadow Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (20)

  1. la
    11:29 pm · Reply

    Thanks for the cool Klasik font. However, I don’t have the “rough” version, instead I have a duplicate of the “shadow” version.

    • Leonie
      12:21 am · Reply

      i’ve checked the download file, the file includes all three Klasik. regular, rough and shadow
      have you tried to install it?
      please try to redownload and install it.

  2. Michael
    7:54 am · Reply

    Very nice font, thanks for the download, but this comes up with a serious error when trying to import into Font Book on mac. (“kern” table structure and contents) So I can’t install it.

    • Joaquín
      9:28 pm · Reply

      I have the same problem! 🙁

    • Sally
      5:26 pm · Reply

      I have the same issue with FontBook on Mac (sad face)…

  3. masii
    12:51 am · Reply

    Download does not seem to be working? DL link results in blank page …

    • masii
      12:54 am · Reply

      NM. Multiple tries proved successful.

  4. Geoff Naylor
    8:13 pm · Reply

    I really like it. Many thanks.

  5. Giulia
    8:52 pm · Reply

    Hi! It’s written that it includes a commercial licence, but there isn’t any licence document inside the zip file. How does it work for that?

    • Leonie
      4:10 pm · Reply

      Klasik is one of the exclusive fonts from Free Design Resources created by our author, and we released it with commercial license as written on the description. feel free to use it!

  6. Nifty
    5:23 am · Reply

    Hi, very nice font but it’s not downloading. The download window comes up saying it should download in a few minutes but nothing happens.

    • Leonie
      4:27 pm · Reply

      Hi Nifty, the download works fine on our end. Maybe you can try using different browser and re-download it

  7. Guy that wants font
    8:14 am · Reply

    The site must be broken. Cannot download font. No option is provided.

    • Leonie
      10:16 am · Reply

      Hi, which font you cannot download? this one works fine on me, maybe you can try downloading with different browser

  8. ann
    12:00 am · Reply

    The download seriously does not work. After entering my email the page just reloads and shows the same “Complete your email to unlock download button.” Or is this just your weird way to get my email? I did try on different browsers – it’s the same.

    • Yudi Arnanda
      12:55 pm · Reply

      Hi Ann, I’ve fixed the download link. Please try to redownload.

      • Pedro Duarte
        8:35 pm ·

        The same thing just happenned to me…
        I’m sorry, what should I do?

      • Yudi Arnanda
        10:47 pm ·

        What happens after you enter the email? Are you redirected to the same page and the download button appears?

  9. Meg
    8:36 pm · Reply


    My Mac says that if I download it , there will be damage to my laptop. It says that it will let my laptop crash.. What can I do?

    • Leonie
      9:14 pm · Reply

      Hi Meg, it’s fine

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