What’s the current trend in advertising? Yes it’s the quick yet efficient Insta-story. Here you can have a set of Instagram Stories Free Template from Srinivas Dhothre! Available in PSD format with neat layers that you can customize easily. Hence, it is very useful for you who wish to advertise or simply sharing your story in the more stylish way.

Thanks to Srinivas Dhotre for sharing such a useful set of template to the community. So, if you like his work, go click on the check out more button below. Then, if you wish to get to know about this author, there you’ll be! You can also get yourself some more freebies, left comment and likes to show your support.

: 122 MB
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Responses (3)

  1. MJ
    7:51 pm · Reply

    Very useful and stylish, thank you Srinivas!

  2. Maria
    7:21 am · Reply

    Greaaaaat, thanks

  3. Mike
    8:09 pm · Reply

    Cool, thanks!

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