Hole Slab Free TypefaceHole Slab Free TypefaceHole Slab Free TypefaceHole Slab Free Typeface

Hole Slab Free Typeface is a remodel version of Rockwell which classified as slab serif. Hole is the more flexible, and symmetrically enhanced version of Rockwell. The characteristic of this font is solid, symmetrical, with higher readability and legibility, yet classy. Therefore, Hole is great for magazine headline, especially business and corporate.

Thanks to Stefanus Kurniawan for sharing this free typeface today. If you like Hole typeface, then you may want to have a visit to his portfolio. There you may hit the appreciate button to show your support toward his project. Also, you can follow him for latest updates and more freebies in the future! So, simply click the check out more button below the description.

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: Personal & Commercial Use
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Hole Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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