Haze is a wet brush free font with splatters all over its glyph and bears its own watercolor texture. The structures are fully randomized thus creating unique mind-bugging effect to words.

100% fully printable on shirts and products! Band logo, book cover, restaurant logo, album covers and brand identity are just a few which will be served by this one of a kind Typeface!

Big thanks to The Branded Quotes for providing this free font to us. For commercial purpose check out the Licensed Version which includes the complete sets of Haze Typeface.

: OTF (OpenType Font)
: Haze Dark, Haze Light
: Personal Use Only
: 849 KB
Download (41518) Full version

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Responses (24)

  1. Arlien
    1:43 am · Reply

    Thank you so much, just the type of font I’ve been looking for!

  2. Tiana
    2:31 pm · Reply

    Nice font!! But the link seems to be broken

    • Ajir
      2:38 pm · Reply

      Hi Tiana,
      Is it the download link or the post link?
      both seem fine and have no problem,

  3. renee
    3:32 pm · Reply

    is it just me? empty fold after I downloaded it.

    • Ajir
      3:49 pm · Reply

      hi Renee,

      It seem like everything fine on me.
      The download link just works fine.
      Please try to redownload and let me know it is work or not.

  4. Dale
    5:20 pm · Reply

    HI’m also having problems with the download, telling me it exceeds the size of space on my hard drive. Which would make it a 100GB font?

  5. Lauren
    1:09 am · Reply

    Unfortunately these fonts fail system validation upon installation.

    • Raylan
      12:20 am · Reply

      I’m having the same problem.

  6. Luca
    11:47 am · Reply


    I’m having some problem with that font, it seems to be broken!

  7. ciung
    6:32 pm · Reply

    Thank You So Much,..

  8. Eric Miller
    4:22 am · Reply

    Hey dude, I just bought the full pack and my two .otf’s are reading as corrupt and wont’ install? Have you seen this and have you any troubleshooting steps? Thanks, Eric

  9. Yahya Ibrahim
    9:24 pm · Reply

    I can open that font.. you may fix this..

  10. Rosiky
    10:23 am · Reply

    Nice font!!
    But it seems to be broken….

  11. Veronica n Owens
    7:48 am · Reply

    wont install….

  12. Mel
    9:05 am · Reply

    Beautiful looking font but like everyone else and as a Windows user-when you go to install a window will pop up and say that the font is not a valid font, unfortunately.

    To break it down:

    1. Clicked on link and download began.
    2. Opened up zip folder and dragged files to desktop.
    3. Then attempted to drop files into Font Folder and pop up appeared stating that it’s not a valid font.

    Anyone come up with a solution for this yet?

    • Leonie
      5:01 pm · Reply

      Hi Mel, have you tried right-click and install?

  13. Jvone
    2:24 am · Reply

    Hi i’m having some problems when i go to install a window will pop up and say that the font is not a valid font, unfortunately.

    • Leonie
      11:22 am · Reply

      Hi Jvone, i tried to install it and it works fine on me. Maybe you can try right click-install.

      • Redi
        4:09 pm ·

        You need admin access to install it, you cant if you arent.

  14. Waqar
    5:31 pm · Reply

    This font is for Mac, not for Win.

  15. shawn reaves
    7:15 am · Reply

    This font worked last year, then stopped. I even bought the font, and that version doesn’t work either. They still hadn’t fixed it, or returned my money.

  16. Hezzul
    8:00 pm · Reply

    Check this screenshot, I think everyone have the same problem

    • Leonie
      7:04 pm · Reply

      Hi Hezzul, it should’ve works fine now.

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