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Graffiti & Tagging Brushes Vol.3

Graffiti & Tagging Brushes Vol.3 is a set of 26 digital brushes designed to unleash your inner street artist. It’s your ultimate companion for bringing the vibrant spirit of street art to your digital canvas! Featuring stylized lettering, this brush pack gives you the tools to create authentic-looking urban artwork and gritty design elements with fat bold tags, freehand calligraphic fluid writing with liquid wax and some with spray paint adding drips and splashes to add depth and realism to designs.

Use these brushes to enhance poster, flyers, covers, illustrations, typography, and more. Perfect for street art, urban-inspired graphics, and edgy design projects. I also incorporate isolated PNG with transparent backgrounds for more work versatility.

Thanks to Krakograff for sharing this awesome freebies. Click the check out more button below to learn more about their other cool works!