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Gems Font – Square Display

Introducing Gems Font – Square Display! Gems, a condensed display typeface in a decorative character set. Gems based on the concept of Gemstones, keeping the “Square” as its base, Gems hold other details that are optically corrected. The font is free for commercial use, but not for sale.

Each alphabet of font type has been drafted within the square guideline using the elements engraved from the square shape. The font possesses a decorative and interesting appearance. The qualified designers mentioned that they kept in mind the process of Gemstone creation while drafting each character of the font.

Thanks to Amit Yogi for creating and sharing such awesome font to the community here! So, if you like the font make sure to share it that way more people can use it! Visit their page by clicking the check out more button below, and learn more about their other cool project! Learn more about this font here.

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