Free Watercolor Texture Kit

Free Watercolor Texture Kit

In this small (but very practical) kit you’ll get 5 watercolor textures, each of them having a separate High Res JPEG file, PNG and a Vectorized PNG with transparent background. All of these textures were handmade, digitalised and individually edited.

Big thanks to Inês Alves for providing us this wonderful freebie. Make sure to check out more awesome works at her portfolio.

: 20.79 MB
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Responses (16)

  1. Louwra Marais
    8:13 pm · Reply

    Beautiful – thanks! I love the watercolour effects.

  2. Viktor Höchtl
    8:17 pm · Reply

    Just a heads up… The water color textures are not vector. In the vector folder there are only .png files. Maybe a mistake in the archiving process I guess?

    • Inês Alves
      7:42 am · Reply

      Hello Viktor! I’m Inês, the creator of these textures, and I just wanted to thank you for letting me know that. Although the vectorized .png files are indeed the vectorized version of the textures, and can still be resized to extremes without losing quality, I did forget to add the editable files to the final folder. I’ll make sure to keep that in mind for next time!

  3. julianna
    8:22 pm · Reply

    thank you!

  4. mz
    5:46 pm · Reply

    Thank you Honey! <3

  5. Olga
    6:01 pm · Reply

    Thank you! Love watercolor!

  6. Inez Dias
    4:04 pm · Reply

    Obrigada Inês!

  7. Inez Dias
    4:05 pm · Reply

    Obrigada Inês! Lindas

  8. Mihoki
    9:24 pm · Reply

    Thank you!!! 😀

  9. Gabriele
    1:07 pm · Reply

    Thank you Ines. Your watercolors are great! :))

  10. Jo Dha
    12:20 am · Reply

    Thanks for these!
    Are these free for use on commercial products as well?
    Thanks very much!

    • Leonie
      11:13 am · Reply

      Hi Jo Dha, yes it is!

  11. Takashi
    2:11 pm · Reply


  12. John
    6:42 pm · Reply

    Great collection! You can find more watercolor textures here:

  13. amber
    4:53 am · Reply

    Hi! nice work! are thes ones free for commercial use?

    • Leonie
      9:09 pm · Reply

      Hi Amber, the freebie only comes with personal use license, but you can hit the check out more button to get one with commercial license.

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