Free Watercolor Brush Pack

Free Watercolor Brush Pack is a huge set of photoshop brush coming from Danielle Lolley. This pack contains 80+ kind of brushes with high resolution. This large set of hand-painted watercolor brushes for your watercolor design needs. Hence, it is great for you who wants to create patterns for packaging or as the background for your design work.

Thanks to Danielle Lolley for sharing this awesome brush pack to the community! You can see more preview and get to know more what’s inside this pack by clicking here. So, if you like this freebie, have a good look on her page, leave comments and share to show your support toward her works. Then, simply click on the check out more button below to get there!

: 8.99 MB
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Responses (10)

  1. hb
    9:40 pm · Reply

    Download link keeps redirecting me to the main downloads page.

    • Leonie
      9:13 am · Reply

      Hi Hb, it should be working fine now, please try redownload

  2. van
    9:50 pm · Reply

    unfortunately, i can’t download the watercolor pack. Link drives to another page and not to downloading….

    • Leonie
      9:13 am · Reply

      Hi Van, it should be working fine now, please try redownload

  3. maxi_men
    3:52 am · Reply

    bad link

    • Leonie
      9:13 am · Reply

      Hi Maxi, it should be working fine now, please try redownload

  4. Mahamud
    10:54 am · Reply

    Thank youu!! 🙂

  5. cathL
    7:09 pm · Reply

    Many thanks!

  6. Andrea Ribeiro
    10:50 pm · Reply

    Thank you for sharing these lovely brushes, Leonie!

  7. Ekka
    9:32 pm · Reply


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