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Free Sky Replacement Pack 2021

Here goes the Free Sky Replacement Pack 2021! The new Photoshop 2021 has a great feature: automatic change of the sky: in a couple of clicks you can change the sky in the photo, as well as adjust it for more realism. The AI-based algorithm recognizes the sky border in the photo and creates layers with masks and color adjustments when choosing to replace the sky.

Watch the video how easy it is here


  • Clouds 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px
  • Dramatic 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px
  • Fancy Sky 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px
  • Lightning 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px
  • Northern Lights 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px
  • Rainbow 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px
  • Starry Sky 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px
  • Sunrise-Sunset 1 JPGs 5000×3000 px

Thanks to Graphic Spirit for creating and sharing this demo pack to the community. However, this is just a small part of Sky Replacement Pack 2021. So, if you want to get and see more features from this pack, make sure to go check out and get the premium version as well!