Meshroom Photo Cutouts

Meshroom Photo Cutouts

Meshroom Photo Cutouts

Meshroom Photo Cutouts

Doing your design and suddenly you need some stock photo of real person, not conceptual but authentically candid photograph? Don’t worry! today we have a set of photo cutouts of real people strolling around the town and it’s transparent! This set contains 4 different set of people from different places; London Hipsters, Tourist, Beijing Street Fashion and La Barceloneta. With the total number of 124 different pictures.

Thanks to Meshroom for bringing us all of these beautiful set of photographs! Check out their web the for full version with exclusive features also the portfolio for more of their stunning pictures!

: 131 MB
Download (4791) Full Version

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Responses (2)

  1. Marvin Goldstein
    9:43 pm · Reply

    Your downloadable graphics operates too slow; waste my time !!!
    Rethink and Remake your “download” problem …

  2. A
    1:02 am · Reply

    Thanks! I have nothing in my collection like this.

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