Fibonacci Fraktur Free FontFibonacci Fraktur Free FontFibonacci Fraktur Free Font

Fibonacci Fraktur Free Font is a free typeface that takes inspiration in the blackletter type styles. The design was a school assignment, where i had to find 4 words to design from – Old, Sleeping Beauty and Pointy. This resulted in a softer, more modern blackletter fraktur font.

Thanks to Christian Horsbøl Christiansen for sharing this really cool typeface to the community. Click on the check out more button to learn more about the author

: 8.46 KB
: Personal and Commercial Use
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FibonacciFraktur-Regular Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (11)

  1. Bashaer
    9:25 pm · Reply

    I can’t download it. There is an error 🙁

  2. Raul
    9:45 pm · Reply

    error 🙁

    • Leonie
      6:57 pm · Reply

      Hi Raul, the download works fine now

  3. John Keogh
    9:51 pm · Reply

    NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2018/04/Fibonacci-fraktur-free-font_Christian-Horsb%C3%B8l-Christiansen_060418.zipE23A0083124E0451s… etc.

    • Leonie
      6:57 pm · Reply

      Hi John, the download works fine now

  4. Jennifer
    10:22 pm · Reply

    Not able to download

    • Leonie
      12:39 am · Reply

      Hi Jennifer, we fixed the link, now you can download the font

  5. Vicki
    2:12 am · Reply

    Same here.

  6. Suzanne
    5:48 am · Reply

    The link here is broken, but you can get this if you click the link to the creator’s site.

  7. Christian
    5:44 pm · Reply

    Hey guys!

    I would love to see what you use the font for!
    Could you tag me somehow? 😀

    – Christian

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