Escalope Free Typeface Family is a hand-drawn layered font with a crazy & unique personality. It offers you the low midline, the false-AllCaps style. All the fun & playfull Stylistic Sets will give your projects a new and fresh look! There are many Open-Type features within easy reach. It features Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates & Sets, Kerning, Fractions and Number Figures. Also, escalope comes with “A Simple and Very, Veeery Easy Tutorial: Escalope” in PDF, that comes in handy for applying all these features. This family has a set of 150 icons that are available in the three textures. They share the weight and font characteristics for a perfect match. Nothing compares to real textures, right?

Thanks to Julia Martinez Diana from Antipixel for creating and let us giving a try on this awesome typeface. If you want to use Escalope for commercial purpose, then make sure you check out on the full version. Escalope also comes with more than 1400 glyphs. Moreover, it has a very large language support allowing users to write in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, and many more! Special characters & currency symbols are also available.

: 5.73 MB
: Personal Use Only
Download (6065) Full version

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  1. jael
    3:16 pm · Reply

    Love, love, love this font! Thank you so much

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