How it works?

This free Photoshop action is great to turn portrait images into watercolor portrait painting in seconds. Consist of ATN Photoshop Action format that is easy to install and to use. This action was create to save your time for create watercolor portrait painting effects by yourself. You can fully adjust the appearances on how the final look would become. The comprehensive instructions about how it works also included in the download package.

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Responses (13)

  1. SMBelizario
    1:36 am · Reply

    It doesn’t worked for me… I followed the video instructions, but the ction asks for more layers than the original image layer and the watercolor splatters layers. What do I do?

    • Ajir
      11:23 am · Reply

      Hi, this action sure will ask you the watercolor images to make it works properly. Make sure you read the documentation included in the download package which included the links where you can get the watercolor images.

  2. Annalisa
    10:55 pm · Reply

    Hi, does it works with CS6?

    • Ajir
      2:38 am · Reply

      yes, Annalisa. It works with CS6

  3. David
    11:00 pm · Reply

    This worked one time for me, (on a Mac) I’m trying to use it again, and action stops and message says “Can’t find Layer 2” “Stop or Continue?” is only option. Then another message, and another and another!
    I’ve tried over and over. I really want to get it to work???

    What can I do?

    Thank you!!

    • Ajir
      11:57 pm · Reply

      Hi David, please make sure the only layer to begin is a default ‘Background’ layer. Otherwise, let me know some more detail so I can help you with it. Thanks

  4. Marleen
    2:09 am · Reply

    When I play the action the following layers are showing white/blanco: ‘light stroke’ ‘pencil stroke’ and ‘watercolor texture’. I hope someone can help me?

  5. Ruth
    9:49 pm · Reply

    Hi, does it works with CC 2014?

  6. Mysti
    1:03 am · Reply

    CC 2017

    “The command ‘Select’ is not currently available.”


    • Mysti
      1:06 am · Reply

      Note: It is the “Select Layer 2” step that is giving trouble. I am following instructions exactly.

      Background is single layer, and selected upon action load and play.

  7. david
    3:02 am · Reply

    Hi doesnt worh with cc 2017? appears me Select not available and thumbnail not available.
    help please thanks.

    • Leonie
      9:09 pm · Reply

      Hi David, it should be working with cc 2017. Please check the document included in the download for further info and try again

  8. John
    8:15 pm · Reply

    Here is another Watercolor Free Photoshop action made with Artistic Filters combined with a watercolor pattern:

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