Double Exposure is a photography effect that is widely popular recently. You can do the same effect digitally by using this free Double Exposure Photoshop Action. Simply prepare your photo and play the action.

The final result is editable, you can adjust the effect however you think it fit your style. This free action comes up with additional 4 different filters to choose, enjoy! Also, click here to get more stunning freebies of Photoshop Plugins from Art of Blog.

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Responses (17)

  1. Paul Felge
    6:55 am · Reply

    Very cool action! Makes it very easy to achieve this great effect!

  2. Andy
    2:47 am · Reply

    Help, I am obviously doing something wrong – I can’t get it to work….

  3. hiku
    9:58 am · Reply

    me too, i can’t do it

  4. Lobe
    1:18 am · Reply

    This action should be damaged, there are many layers not found when you try to launch the action…

  5. Jacob
    1:18 am · Reply

    Here’s what you do, you create a second layer, call it brush, make sure you make the silhouette of the picture in that layer, then run the action. when the action is running, it will ask you to place the image you are adding to it, when it does that, pick the image and place it over the background image, make sure you put it where you want it to go, stretch it if you much, then hit enter, the action will finish up.

    • Abi
      5:14 am · Reply

      Hey anybody who is having trouble with this..Make sure you select to use the paint bucket tool when filling with colour! It was what was missed off the video. Just a thought as It wasn’t working for me until i amended this

  6. Drew
    11:25 pm · Reply

    The action, when run, lets you select the image you want placed into your “brush” layer, but it does not mask it. My finished action is literally just two images laid over each other with no masking. Anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix?

  7. Meredith Ochoa
    4:52 am · Reply

    it does not mask correctly even when you do the brush layer with the silhouette of the image–it only masks a small portion of the base image–does it have to be black and white? help!

  8. Fran
    7:15 pm · Reply


  9. Fucker of the year
    5:29 pm · Reply

    Thanks for this…

  10. LozzzaPants
    11:39 pm · Reply

    doesn’t work I just get 1 layer over the top of the other… its like it ignores the mask ?!?!

  11. nachko
    3:25 am · Reply


  12. Tiago
    8:01 am · Reply

    Está faltando camadas.

  13. Richard
    12:08 pm · Reply

    Help, I can’t download the action nor purchase it.

    • Leonie
      12:34 pm · Reply

      Hi Richard, tried to download it and it works fine on me. I suggest you to try using different browser and download it again

  14. B. de Laat
    7:18 pm · Reply

    Does not work with the latest version of Photoshop cc unfortunately

  15. John
    3:21 pm · Reply

    I have a list with Double Exposure Photoshop tutorials and other resources. I will add you free action to my collection, thank you!

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