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Dodge And Burn Retouch Panel

Dodge And Burn Retouch Panel is an effective plugin for Adobe Photoshop that makes high end retouching easy and fast. This retouch panel includes 6 useful photo retouching tools and also some handy helper functions. So, to begin using Dodge & Burn you don’t need to have any retouching skills, as we have an introductory video course that will help you start from scratch.

If you are a beginner in image retouching, with this photo retouch plugin you may have a good start

If you are a pro, you can use this retouching panel and it will save you hours and make your workflow more convenient.

Thanks to Kuafara for creating such stunning add-ons and share it to the community. Share and leave comments below if you like the freebie. Also, you can learn more about this project here. You can as well hit the check out more button below to learn more about the author and their other cool works.