Diemme Script Free Font is feminine handwriting script from Polythene Designs. This script is great for short text such as title or headline. It also works well on wedding invitation, product branding, blog header, and other printable designs.

Thanks to Polythene Designs for providing this beautiful script to the community. So, if you like their work, make sure to have a visit to their portfolio. You can get there by clicking on the check out more button below. Then, show your support by leaving comments and appreciate as well. Also, there are bunch more of awesome freebies awaiting for you!

: 380.5 KB
: Personal and Commercial Use
Download (7177) Check out more
DiemmeScript Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (8)

  1. Andre
    9:37 pm · Reply

    So beatiful, thanks!!!

  2. Kitty
    10:48 pm · Reply

    Nice! Thank you.

  3. James Ellis
    11:45 pm · Reply

    Why doesn’t the font look anything like the one pictured in the image?

  4. Brian Woodlief
    9:03 pm · Reply

    The downloaded font doesn’t match the example art on the page.

    • Polythene Designs
      5:22 am · Reply

      Hey Brian,

      This was a mistake. Check out our behance or dribbble page for the correct font design.

      Polythene Designs

      • Melissa
        12:00 am ·

        I love the example art on this page! Where can I get the same font as the example? The downloaded fonts on both behance and dribble are the same as the font download on this page.

      • Leonie
        8:11 pm ·

        The font is called Comme, you can get it here

  5. Constantine
    4:40 pm · Reply

    Thank you!

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