Corner Croft Clipart

This is a taster set of floral and nature watercolor clipart prepared by the Corner Croft, painted by the watercolor artist Cheng Jing. There are 18 high quality PNG files in this set of clipart, typically 4″x4″. Enjoy!

: 17.78 MB
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Responses (17)

  1. Letitia
    8:49 pm · Reply

    Can these be used commercially on social media?

    • Ajir
      12:52 am · Reply

      Hi Letitia, Yes! Go a head.

      • Letitia
        4:54 pm ·


  2. Kristen
    5:38 am · Reply

    Is this available for commercial use on a recipe binder template?

    • Ajir
      6:20 am · Reply

      Hi Kristen, Yes! Go a head.

  3. Michele
    10:20 pm · Reply

    Simply beautiful! Thanks so much!

  4. xavi
    10:45 pm · Reply

    Beautiful! Thanks so much!

  5. Alma
    11:44 pm · Reply

    This product is available for commercial use within scrap kits?
    For example scrap paper and create frames cluster.
    digital version, not printable.

  6. Anna Glover
    11:05 pm · Reply

    Can these be added as elements to create digital pictures commercially?

    • Leonie Dian
      5:41 pm · Reply

      if you want to use it commercially, you can directly contacting the author, you can find the link of the contact from the description

  7. claudya guerr
    10:10 pm · Reply

    Thank you

  8. Olga
    6:51 pm · Reply


  9. AJR
    1:51 pm · Reply

    Is it available for commercial use?

    • Leonie
      12:56 pm · Reply

      Hi AJR, no, it is for personal use only. You can have the commercial license by clicking on the check out more button and get the item

  10. megu
    6:56 pm · Reply

    Can it be used for a package of commercial use?

    • Leonie
      9:07 pm · Reply

      Hi Megu, yes it can but you have to purchase one of the author premium item (link available on the check out more button)

  11. Mikell
    9:31 pm · Reply

    These are so lovely. I love them all, the butterfly just might be my favorite. Thank you so much for this gift.

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