Common People Illustration Pack is coming! Toffu Co has created this awesome flat design illustration just for you. This pack includes 15 stylish yet fashionable people illustrations with interesting color and pattern combination. Moreover, it is available in PDF and PNG format make these illustrations very flexible to use.

Thanks to Toffu Co for sharing this stunning pack of free illustration! So, if you like this freebie and find it useful, leave some comments below. Also, go click the check out more button below to visit their website and get to know the author and their work. There you can as well check their other work and even get some more freebies on their future updates.

: 10.71 MB
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Responses (3)

  1. Kiko 7
    8:36 pm · Reply


  2. NL
    8:42 pm · Reply

    These are so dynamic! Thank you!

  3. your m
    7:51 am · Reply

    Very good!

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