Cheddar Gothic Stencil Free is a demo typeface Cheddar Gothic Family. A set of hand drawn, 8 style typeface family including Sans, Serif, Slab, and Stencil with Italics. Cheddar gothic is an all caps family. The individual styles are all based on the same structure, so they work well to mix and match with each other to best fit the occasion. The handmade details become very evident when used large, while the steadily drawn forms maintain a good structure when set in small sizes. Using a nice, mid-range weight—that is neither too light nor too bold—it feels confident large and doesn’t close up small. This font is great for a variety of uses: packaging, posters, t-shirts, stamps, branding, headlines, billboards, websites, etc

Thanks to Adam Ladd for providing us this free demo. You may want to get the full version after giving a try. Each font also includes 92 matching catchwords and icons to quickly add variety and interest to your designs. Then make sure to check out on it by clicking the button below the description. The full version also comes with easy alternate. You just have to simply switch between upper and lowercase for alternates. Choose lowercase for a classic, condensed look; choose uppercase for a little more character, including extended crossbars and sliced terminals.

: 123 KB
: Personal & Commercial Use
Download (3842) Full version
CheddarGothicStencil Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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  1. Yahya Ibrahim
    8:31 pm · Reply

    Cool thanx..

  2. km
    11:19 pm · Reply

    Thank you!

  3. Andrea Mendes Ribeiro
    2:03 am · Reply

    A great typeface, thanks a lot!

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