Celestina Script Free Font is the lively spirit, just like drops of ink on a piece of paper or clouds in the sky. The same spirit is maintained by the rounded letters of the script and by the characters’ small whorls.
Celestina has come to life as a result of a peculiar game in which I tried to bring together the letters with different tempers with help of calligraphic instruments. As a result, Celestina becomes a very light and playful font which would look like a quick inscription on a piece of paper. Yet, it is also be easy to read in a text array. It works perfect for both Moomins stories and personal blogs, as well as for the design of hand-made things!

Thanks to Antonina Zhulkova for sharing this beautiful script to the community! So, if you like Celestina and find it useful for your design, go ahead to her shop and portfolio. Click on the check out more button below to find out more about what’s behind this font and her other creative projects!

: 65.45 KB
: Personal and Commercial Use
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Celestina Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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