Camellion Brush Free Typeface is a brush script font with natural texture. It is a high quality font with open-type features and ligatures. Coming to you straight from the latest work of Irfan Ulya, this font is perfect for your next design project. Camellion works great as logo, label, badges, apparel design, on poster design, and so much more!

Big thanks to Irfan Ulya for sharing this stunning freebie to the community! Heads on to his portfolio by clicking on the check out more button below. That way, you can find out more about this author and show your support. While you there, make sure to leave comments and appreciate, and let him know what you think about the project.

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Responses (3)

  1. Adri Luna
    9:30 pm · Reply

    This is a pretty cool looking font and I am excited to experiment with it. Thank you!!

  2. Mervyn Hurley
    3:50 pm · Reply

    Superb, very dynamic typeface. Impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  3. sandra
    7:37 pm · Reply

    Great font! It is a free commercial use?

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