Bunaero Pro Font Family Demo is a trial version of Buntypes Bunaero™. Bunaero combines classical and contemporary characteristics to a unique and distinctive font family with extravagant but also harmonious appearance. The font was manually hinted and contains extensive handcrafted kerning tables to ensure flawless appearance in all media.

Thanks to Buntype Font Foundry for providing this free demo so we can give it a try! Bunaero is fantastic that it will be very tempting for you to check out and get the full version. Bunaero supports at least 99 languages including Vietnamese. It also provides ligatures, alternative glyphs, oldstyle, lining and tabular figures, and other enjoyable OpenType® features. In addition, this Pro version of Bunaero includes a lot of features for sophisticated users: Lining figures for headline setting; Intermediate linings and oldstyle figures for text setting; Tabular versions of all figures; Superiors, inferiors, numerators, denominators and automated fractions; Language specialities like a capital Eszett for the german language and extra characters with a polish kreska instead an acute; And many more.

: 238 KB
: Personal Use Only
Download (2779) Full version

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