Bohem Press Free Demo FontBohem Press Free Demo FontBohem Press Free Demo FontBohem Press Free Demo FontBohem Press Free Demo FontBohem Press Free Demo Font

Bohem Press Free Demo Font is one of the Bohem typeface styles. Bohem itself is a font with vintage character coming from the inspiration of beer and brewery. This typeface is great to get your design the vintage touch. Therefore, it is suitable and applicable to create vintage branding, logos, product packaging, invitation, t-shirt design, and so much more!

Thanks to Dikas Studio for providing us with such a stunning free demo typeface. So, if you like this font after giving a try, make sure to check out on this full version. There, you may get the complete set of Bohem in 5 different styles! It also features multilingual characters, alternate, ligature, and some special characters.

: 271 KB
: Personal & Commercial Use
Download (18416) Full version
Bohem Press Free Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

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Responses (9)

  1. Adam Icenogle
    9:19 pm · Reply

    I look forward to using this fantastic font. Thank you!

  2. beck
    9:38 pm · Reply

    thanks for the free font!! it’s awesome!! however, my font book says there’s a serious problem with it and not to instal it. just thought i’d let you know.

    but it really is such a cool font.

  3. George
    9:52 am · Reply

    Re Bohem FONT

    Why do you keep the price a god damn secret? For christ sakes who has time to chase it down. Be up front and stop wasting time. Go sell time share in Mexico. I might buy it if you made it easy. Those trial versions suck’

    • rebase
      12:59 am · Reply

      lol i’m just curious about this little analogy. What does “selling time share in Mexico” have to do with it? How does it relate?

  4. Olga
    3:36 am · Reply

    Thank you for the font!

  5. mr
    8:41 pm · Reply

    why do they always make it look like we’re going to get the extras? i though we will get the punctuation, multilingual, special characters, etc, but it’s just the lower and upper case and numbers

    • Leonie
      9:48 pm · Reply

      Hi mr because it’s the free demo version

  6. Anh Tu
    8:56 am · Reply

    Nice font, thank u

  7. edward
    2:52 am · Reply

    muchas grias :3

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