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BD Megalona Serif Font

BD Megalona Serif Font is Balibilly Design homage to the tradition of typography, a revival of the elegance, consistency, and hard work of Times New Roman. It provides a range of choices that will give luxury vibes in symmetrical layouts with selective deviations. Also, it works well to add a stylish look for your typographic project. This is a complete package of problem solvers perfectly suited for body text and high-impact headlines. Advance open-type features definitely stunning on logos, branding, magazines, website, etc.

Thanks to Balibilly Design for creating and sharing this awesome typeface to the community here! However this BD Megalona Serif Font is only available for personal use only. So, if you want to use it for any commercial project, make sure to go get the premium version as well!

The full version includes 26 fonts 13 weights with matching true italics forms. Feature an extended charset of over 1800 glyphs, covering 219 languages using Latin, Cyrillic (basic to extended), and Greek alphabets. Also, it comes with advanced open type features like stylistic alternates, terminal form, swash, discretionary ligatures, ordinals, and more.

BD Megalona
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