AlGhifari Script is another calligraphic typeface, inspired by the brush pen strokes lettering. A bit upright style with sharp edges. Smooth but tight is the personality of Alghifari shapes, make it looks strong as a custom handwriting font without losing it naturality. Big thanks to MikroJihad who is providing this awesome free font to enjoy.

License: This demo is for personal use only, commercial use is available on full version.

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Responses (10)

  1. Yudi Arnanda
    5:59 pm · Reply

    Sorry, I’ve been reupload. The download link is already working now.

  2. Steve Harvey
    5:33 pm · Reply

    Your zip file is invalid.

  3. Brad
    6:57 pm · Reply

    Still not loading, but looking forward to trying it!

  4. Nuria
    9:05 pm · Reply

    This is great! Love it! THANKS! 🙂
    Is it free for personal and comercial use?

    • Ajir
      4:16 am · Reply

      Yes, it is available for both personal and commercial use.

      • Kevin
        10:32 pm ·

        Sorry to split hairs here, but the question above was whether it is FREE for personal AND commercial use, not merely whether it is available for both.

      • Ajir
        7:32 am ·

        Hi Kevin, yes it is free for personal and commercial use.

      • Ajir
        8:11 am ·

        Sorry for the misconception we got here. I just got the message from the author of AlGhifary font that the demo version could be use only for personal and not for commercial.


    • Mikrojihad Font
      3:40 am · Reply

      Sorry guys..It’s a demo, only for personal use.
      Commercial use please download the full version.

  5. Elena
    8:59 am · Reply

    Thank you very much

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