Get Creative With Watercolor Salty Textured Shapes in Vector and Rastr! Today you can have these 7 Salted Watercolor Shapes from Draw Wing Zen. These watercolor workcomes in great quality of each texture – 4600 x 3200 px at 600 DPI. Hence, these shapes are ideal for, Packaging, Business Cards, Wedding Invitations, Cards, Design projects, Websites, crafts and so much more!

Thanks to Draw Wing Zen for sharing this demo pack! However, this freebie is only a small part of Watercolor Salted series! So, if you like these shapes and want more, make sure to check out its full version! Click on the button next to download to get there quick!

: 134 MB
Download (51074) Full version

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  1. Olga
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    Sorry, the download doesn’t work : (

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