50 Rocks and Boulders Pack – Free Design Resources

50 Rocks and Boulders Pack

50 Rocks and Boulders Pack is here! This set of 50 transparent PNG images of rocks and boulders is perfect for compositing and matte-painting projects.

The transparent background allows for easy integration into any scene and the images is easy to use in any composition. The diverse collection includes a variety of different shaped rocks and boulders, providing a wide range of options for creating realistic and natural environments. These images are perfect for film and game designers, architects, sketches and digital artists looking to add depth and realism to their compositing and matte-painting projects.

Whether you’re creating a mountainous landscape or a rocky desert scene, these images will give you a professional and believable result.

Thanks to Krakograff for sharing this awesome freebies. Click the check out more button below to learn more about their other cool works!