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50 BW Mask Overlay Textures

50 BW Mask Overlay Textures is here! This pack contains a set of white and black mask overlay is a graphic design element. You can use it to superimposed onto images or other visual content to create a unique visual effect. The white and black mask overlay typically consists of two separate layers: a white layer and a black layer. By combining the two layers, designers can create interesting visual effects, such as creating a high-contrast look, emphasizing certain elements of an image, or creating a unique blend of colors.

White and black mask overlays can be used in a variety of ways, such as:
Adding texture and depth to an image.
Creating a high-contrast look by combining the black and white layers.
Emphasizing certain elements of an image by masking out areas with the black layer.
Creating a unique color scheme by using the overlay to blend colors in different ways.
Adding visual interest to social media graphics, blog posts, or other types of digital content.

Overall, white and black mask overlays are a versatile graphic design resource that can add a unique touch to a wide variety of visual content.

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